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The most effective way of learning is by understanding as opposed to rote learning. Drill and practice has its role in learning but unless your child has fully grasped the concept, he or she would not be able to achieve a breakthrough in his or her grades.

Why Choose Us

Give your child the Best Gift by enrolling him or her in our classes so that your child could embrace the joy of learning while secure high scores in 2022.

A Reputation For Exam Excellence

Over the years, True Learning has built a strong reputation of putting our students first and helping them achieve exam excellence by moulding and shaping them to be confident and motivated learners. We adopt an active learning approach, where students engage in critical thinking and participate in class through guided discussions and other activities. We believe that great teachers and increased student engagement and motivation are keys to the academic success of your child.

Engaging And Effective Curriculum

Our in-house developed curriculum is written by a team of highly experienced NIE-trained teachers, including SEAB (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board) officers. With a wealth of teaching experience behind them, our curriculum writers teach and test the effectiveness of the curriculum every week to ensure that our students will continue to secure high scores in their examinations. Our lesson plans are constantly refined to engage, enrich and empower our students.

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Nurturing And Dedicated NIE-trained Tutors

We are proud to announce that 100% of our tutors are experienced and NIE-trained teachers.

They include:

President's Award for Teachers Recipients

MOE Senior Teachers & Heads of Departments

Outstanding Science Teacher Award Recipients

Caring Teacher Award Recipients

Ex-Singapore Examinations & Assessment Board Exam Officers

Our tutors see the best in every student and appreciate their unique learning needs and aptitudes. They believe in what they do and always go the extra mile to help our students to improve, achieve and excel. They inspire our students to approach challenges with confidence, passion and resilience.

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Round-The-Clock Support

As part of our commitment to providing top-rated services, we extend beyond the classroom time to offer 24/7 academic assistance to our students, wherever they are. Our students could engage our help in their school work by texting or sending images of their questions to our support hotline.

Small Class Size, Big Learning Experience

Our class sizes are capped at 10 to optimise learning. Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed and well-equipped to provide a conducive learning environment for our students. Each of our centres also has a pantry where our students could mingle around over food and beverages before or after lessons.

True Partnership

At True Learning, we strive to establish partnerships with parents to support student learning. We believe that strong communication is fundamental to this partnership. This is achieved through various platforms such as SMS, emails, student progress reports and parent-teacher meetings.

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What our Parents and Students have to say

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My child just started his learning journey at True Learning in the critical year of P6. With encouragement and patience of Mr Wong, he has improved his English tremendously. Every lesson is packed with activities which make the lessons very memorable.

Thank you!

Julie Yu
- Parent of Yu Lang

(Qifa Primary School)

I am pleased with the service provided by True Learning especially the use of Whatsapp to post any questions. Ms Doris Tan is a very dedicated and committed tutor. My daughter enjoyed her lessons and look forward to it every week. She understands the topics and concepts better. I also recommend True Learning to my colleagues and friends as I hope that they will also benefit from the commitment and dedication that my child has received so far. I will definitely consider True Learning again when my child enters secondary school next year.

- Parent of Clarissa Koh
(CHIJ Our Lady of Nativity)

I would like to thank Ms Liu for her enthusiast teaching method where I can feel that Pema is looking forward to join her class every Friday evening. Here is a little note from Pema:
Dear Ms Liu, thank you for helping me achieve an A* for my science. I really enjoyed your ways of teaching as it was very fun, engaging and suitable for me. Thank you once again for the A* and the fun I had in your classes.

- Parent of Pema Soedibjo
(Marymount Convent School)

True Learning provided me with many opportunities to practise topics taught during lesson time while constantly enhancing my mathematical thinking, and reinforcing the concepts that were taught in school. As the saying goes, ‘practise makes perfect’. Although perfection is difficult to achieve, the lessons at True Learning did assist me on my journey to achieving the best I could in the ‘O’ levels mathematics examinations.

- Sean Tan
(Nan Chiau High School)

Yue has made good progress since attending Mr Xiao’s classes at True Learning. She finds the lessons comprehensible and is able to grasp the concepts as explained by Mr Xiao. Lessons are well- paced and the supplementary lessons during the September holidays were very useful in preparation for the examinations.

Ai Lin
- Parent of Soh Yue

(Guangyang Secondary School)

Our Locations

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    Singapore 609731
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    Simon Plaza, #01-07,
    Singapore 548008
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